Welcome to the website for Monticello Chix with Stix!  We are pleased that you decided to visit us, and hope to see you at one of our future meetings!

We are a group of people located in the rural delta area of Monticello, AR who love fiber arts–especially fiber arts with friends.  Being that Monticello is somewhat centrally located in the Southeast, we have members come from as far away as Lake Village, so as long as you want to attend just stop on by!

Upcoming meeting information can be found in a recent Meeting post located on the main navigation bar near the top of the page.  As our meeting locations and dates frequently change, be sure you check out the main Meeting page’s information so you know all the wheres and whens.

It is asked that you bring your own materials for knitting or crocheting, but if you forget it on your way out the door, there is usually a member willing to lend out some supplies.  Light refreshments and snacks are encouraged should the mood strike you!

There really aren’t any rules for attending the meetings.  We accept people of all ages who have a passion for the fiber arts, so bring your friends!



Image information: “It’s a Stitch Up Favorite in ‘Refraction'” by suziesparkle on Flikr.  Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0