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Troublesome Cast-Ons!

I remembered in our most recent meeting that some of you were having trouble with the more difficult (and often more professional) cast on methods.  In this post, I’m going to provide a few links to some Youtube videos that I found helpful when teaching myself these methods.

Hope they work out for you!

^^^This one is by FAR my favorite when it comes to starting a new pair of gloves (or even a hat!) as it gives you a very clean edge that appears to come out of nothing.  It is technically termed the Italian Tubular Cast-On and requires a bit of extra work.  But it is totally worth it!

^^^This video covers similar content, but using the Long Tail Tubular Cast-On method.  It gives the same result, but some of you may find it to be easier to achieve.

And finally…

I apologize for the quality of this video, but it is the only one that specifically deals with the tubular cast on methods in the round, and on circular needles!  This one is my go-to method when beginning a bottom-up hat.  I wish she would record this video again, and make it a bit easier to see, but maybe someone else (possibly myself?) will have to do that for her one day.

I hope you find these videos to be more helpful than you do confusing!  Take care and Happy stitching!


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