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Vanilla Latte Socks – May 30th!

Ok, so I’m a little late on the update for this one, but you all know I’ve been a little busy.  🙂

As the title states, we have a new group project proposed to begin on May 30th at Susan K.’s house.  We are getting started on this year’s Christmas presents a little bit early (since we never finish most of what we had planned to) and what better gift to give than some lovingly crafted socks!

So Simple Sport Socks are a somewhat simple pattern that create a flattering pair of socks for any age, and either gender!  The best part of this project is the pattern is completely free!  Even better, since they are knit in the sport weight, they will go even faster!

I’m sure we all have some extra sock yarn lying around, but if not, you can always order some Dream in Color Smooshy for some beautiful Kettle-dyed yarns, or Lorna’s Laces Solemate for some fancy self-striping.  Any old fingering yarn will do, just make sure you have at least 350 yards before you start!

(The yarn used in the above picture is Noro Silk Garden Sock – Colorway 211, turquoise, fuchsia, gold.)

Patterns will be provided, so no worries about bringing a copy, just be sure you bring your desired yarn!

Casting on is the hardest part, so check out my previous post so you can practice some of the more professional looking edges.  Your loved ones will thank you for it!

Happy stitching!


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